Rock Nights vs. Corona Virus

Given the impossibility of leaving home, of being able to meet, laugh and dance together, from Rock Nights we want to contribute our grain of sand so that we pass this confinement in the best possible way.
And nothing better has happened to us than music. This initiative stems from the helplessness we have felt when we see so many musician friends who have not been able to carry out their performances and are doing everything possible to offer music from their homes.

We have wanted to involve all those who have accompanied us throughout these 15 years in Rock Nights sessions, those who form this family and the artists who have participated in the concerts of Dorado Live Shows.
Artists such as Marc Ros (Sidonie) Carlos Sadness, Alex de Lucas and Diego (Parrots), Luis Albert Segura (LA), Fer Pardo (Los Coronas and Sex Museum), Alberto Cantúa (Viva Sweden), Tarque, Ovidi (Los Zigarros) , Josu García (Loquillo), Igor Paskual, ​​Nat Simons, Diego Ibáñez (Carolina Durante) Marc (Dorian), Javier Vielba (Arizona Baby), Silvia Superstar (Killer Barbies), Soren Manzoni (Nasty Mondays), David Kano (Cycle) , Amable (Razzmatazz), Colin Peters (Rock Nights), Anni B Sweet or Loquillo and also professionals very present in the musical field such as graphic artist Marcos Torres, photographer Juan Fajardo and music journalist Fernando Navarro.

With the help of all of them, we have created the Rock Nights VS Coronavirus Playlist. Each musician, DJ and friend has contributed a theme that conveys their feeling in this unprecedented situation. Topics like “Here is the news” by Electric Light Orchestra, which defines the over-information to which we are exposed every day, classics such as “Let’s dance” by Bowie, which makes us relativize and realize what is really important or ‘With a little help from my friends’ by The Beatles that reminds us that together we are stronger. The idea has been to create a form of expression through rock, which always claims freedom, passion and rebellion. A freedom that has been temporarily stolen from us by this virus and that makes us reflect, joining forces with a common goal: to stay together in this. Because if we are sure of anything, it is that we will come out of it stronger and more united than ever. Loquillo closes our playlist with the song “Everybody Loves Somebody” by Dean Martin. You will be able to see the videos of all our friends and artists commenting on the song, in the outstanding Instagram stories of @rocknightsclub and access the entire Spotify Playlist in the link that we have posted in the profile bio.

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