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Imagine what it would be like to travel nonstop, discovering the most kitsch, curious, and unique hotels in US and that’s your actual job. Margaret Bienert and her husband Corey stayed at a hotel in a rather peculiar hotel in Los Angeles about four years ago, and during that stay they realized that they could blow up on Instagram by posting photos of places like that one, making them even more appealing with the stories behind them.

But the US isn’t the only place with unusual, original, and colorful hotels, you can also find them in Ibiza and Concept is their flagship. The mutual admiration between A Pretty Cool Hotel Tour and Diego Calvo has stemmed since the beginning of their venture as ‘trotahoteles’, could only culminate in the most natural outcome: a visit from Margaret and Corey to Ibiza, to document their hotel shenanigans, Ibiza edition: A Pretty Cool Concept Hotel Tour.

The couple visited every single one of the hotels at Concept in July: Santos, Tropicana, Dorado, Cubanito, Paradiso y Romeo’s -except for Grand Paradiso, which was getting its “last licks of paint” before its grand opening- and have left clear evidence of their stay with a chapter dedicated exclusively to Concept, that you can see on their renowned shared Instagram account. Like all true travel veterans, they stayed at the Zero Suite in Paradiso. “Wow, this is the wildest experience we’ve ever had at a hotel” Margaret told us after surviving her first night inside the glass walled room. Coming from them, we take it as a huge compliment.

The couple visited every single one of the hotels at Concept in July: Santos, Tropicana, Dorado, Cubanito, Paradiso y Romeo’s -except for Grand Paradiso, which was getting its “last licks of paint” before its grand opening- and have left clear evidence of their stay with a chapter dedicated exclusively to Concept, that you can see on their renowned shared Instagram account. Like all true travel veterans, they stayed at the Zero Suite in Paradiso. “Wow, this is the wildest experience we’ve ever had at a hotel” Margaret told us after surviving her first night inside the glass walled room. Coming from them, we take it as a huge compliment.

A Pretty Cool Hotel Tour had never ventured outside the United States to explore hotels, so needless to say, that we’re honoured to be the reason they decided to cross continents. Who knows, maybe from now on they’ll come to Europe more often… meanwhile, Concept will always have its doors open to them and the Zero Suite will be waiting for them to offer a bit more ‘Zero Intimacy’ and of course, they have still to visit our Caduzzi at the recently opened Grand Paradiso.  

What the love of Kitsch has united, can’t be torn apart.

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  • All of these artists have joined the already confirmed acts: Belako, Cachorros, Iván Ferreiro, Luis Brea, Miss Caffeina, Morning Drivers, Niña Polaca, Rulo y La Contrabanda, Sexy Zebras, Tu Otra Bonita and Veintiuno.
  • The exclusive concerts with a reduced capacity will take place at Venice Bay (Concept Hotel Group) and in the Auditorium of Caló de S’Oli, thanks to the collaboration of San José town hall and Concell de Ibiza.
  • You can now purchase your tickets in exclusive bundles + hotel room at Paradiso Ibiza or Grand Paradiso Ibiza (using the promocode SONORAMA22).

In less than a month, the essence of Sonorama Ribera will come back to conquer Ibiza, like in the first edition of Sonorama Ribera Ibiza. A different kind of evento proposal, with concerts held in reduced spaces and special venues, that make this festival unique, which also offers a different experience for visitors who also love music, with the collaboration of Ayuntamiento de San José y del Concell de Ibiza

Dani Fernández, Delafé y las Flores Azules, Eme DJ, Hoonine, Izaro, Morgan, Nena Daconte Sienna and We Are Not Dj’s are joining this celebration of music, that will take place on the días 6th, 7th and 8th of October at two very key venues on the island: Venice Bay (a multi-functional space by Concept Hotel Group) and in the open-air space at Auditorio Caló de S’Oil, that offers spectacular sea views. The Access to the concerts held at the auditórium will be free, following the spirit and mission of Sonorama Ribera, that always strives to create a special synergy between the space, local residents and the festival.

Apart from the live music, Sonorama Ribera Ibiza will bring other cultural elements that we can experience through other paralel activities that take place during the 3 day festival: a book launch, a documentary screening, the recording of a podcast with a live audience, tastings, exhibitions… During the next few days, we will be releasing further details.

You can now enjoy an exclusive offer of 40 rooms: 20 at Grand Paradiso and 20 at Paradiso Art Hotel, the official hosts of the festival, where all the other parallel activities will take place. You can now aquire a room + festival tickets as a bundle at the oficial hotel websites: paradisoibiza.com or grandparadisoibiza.com, selecting the days you would like to stay on and then adding the offer code: SONORAMA22. This way, you will get an automatic discount and the festival ticket will be added to the reservation.


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If there was ever a brand that could embody the spirit of Concept, it would be Levi’s: Authentic and genuine, consistent in its style, timeless and unscathed by time. For this reason, we chose to dress our staff, another year, with a brand that’s a staple of American culture.

Summery colors, comfortable designs, long-lasting and protects the wearer from high temperatures. Thanks to our partnership with this iconic denim brand, we’ve learned a lot about their story and how they helped shape the history of the textile industry.
Their secret? A set of strong values that have always been at the forefront of everything they do: Levi’s was a clear example of going against the current, when they broke segregation laws at their Blackstone factory in Virginia, 1960. A real cultural and political stand, and it wasn’t the only time: They defend the company’s integrity with their workforce policies, adopted in ’91 and with which they promise to protect their workers during all stages of production. They also collaborate with programs that improve the lives of people who work in textile factories, who are usually one of the most exploited.

Levi’s values empathy above fear and that’s why their leaders united in 1982 to educate society about the problems that the LGBTQ+ and it doesn’t stop there. Levi’s is a big reference in the textile industry, on a global scale in terms of sustainability. Their responsibility with the environment is changing the way companies utilize natural resources in the textile industry, one of the most contaminating industries on a global scale.

At Levi’s, like at Concept, are involved in the arts, and provide musical education to young people through Levi’s Music Project, and with a good reason, the brand has dressed huge rock bands through the years and has always tied in with their rebellious and timeless aesthetic. Denim has united us, and that bond will be forever strong.

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Mark Mahoney x Paradiso


The art of tattooing has become acclaimed and sought after in recent times. Anyone who loves tattoo art is very meticulous when it comes to finding the person who will ink them for life. Getting a tattoo isn’t just any old decision, and when it comes down to it… wouldn’t you want to get inked by one of the best tattooists in the world?

His blue eyes tell the story of a living legend and a rebellious, timeless artist. We are talking about Mark Mahoney, the man behind the crystalline gaze who made history in the world of tattoo art when he started his career in Boston in 77, oblivious to the Massachusetts state laws that prohibited tattooing. The punk scene dominated culture, and Mahoney was considered the founding father of the ‘Black and Grey’ movement of the Eighties. The American artist has remained relevant and influential in the tattoo world since then and has continued to revolutionise the current scene with his particular style. He is said to be the celebrity’s favourite tattooist and has inked countless Hollywood stars and cultivated great friendships with many of them. His list of regular clients includes Johnny Depp, Lana del Rey, David Beckham, Rihanna and Jared Leto, to name a few.

Mahoney is the owner and headline artist at Shamrock Social Club on Sunset Boulevard, whose main motto is “Where the Elite and the Underground meets.” Mark’s exclusive tattoo studio is located in the USA, but what if I told you that Concept will bring it to Ibiza?

Well, if you are a tattoo lover, then you’re in luck because from 12th to 19th September, Mahoney will move his Tattoo Shop from Hollywood to the lobby of Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel. Hotel guests and visitors will be lucky enough to skip the usual two-year waiting list that this tattoo artist has for an appointment. However, a piece of Mahoney on your skin is only available for deep pockets…

To sign up, please send an email to this address:


See you there, tattoo lovers!

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¡Fresh Fresh!

¡Fresh Fresh!

Berni Puig – Dirty – Galleta Maria – Gemma Fontanals – Irino – Kamil Escruel – Marti Sawe – Nicasio Torres – Noble – Numi – Tiago Majuelos – Zion Town Kids

Look at what just arrived…

Bright colored forms, outlines and rough textures, a pinch of expressionism, pop art, surrealism, extravagant characters… and everything with a side of extra energy.

Ladies and gentlemen, enjoyment has landed!

14 artists from the new wave of urban art emerging in Barcelona are taking part in this collective exhibition, bringing to Ibiza a varied and eclectic mix of artistic styles which serve as a reference of the top talent in this artistic city. It will be an opportunity to discover and experience first-hand all the enthusiasm and effort put into the first years of creation, the freshness of these feelings is both inspiring and contagious.

New beginnings come to life with the new collaboration between Montana gallery Barcelona and Adda Gallery Ibiza.

Inauguration on the 10th of September of 19h – 22h
Expo on until the 30th of October 2022
At Adda Gallery Ibiza
Commissioned by Anna Dimitrova

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Vintage Bacardí posters at Cubanito

Vintage Bacardí posters at Cubanito

If we think of Cuba, we automatically think about rum. That’s the way it is. If we think about rum, it undoubtedly must be Bacardí. The best rum in the world, was originated in Cuba (1862) but it was the Spaniard Facundo Bacardí Massó who founded the company. After the Cuban revolution, Bacardí moved its offices from Cuba to Puerto Rico, where you can still find the biggest distillery in the world. Amalia Moreau (Facundo’s wife) found a bat’s nest in one of the tin roofs, after which they decided that it would become the new symbol of the brand. With its center of operations beeing Puerto Rico, its headquarters in Bermudas and a production plant in Mexico, Bacardí rum has positioned itself well ahead of the competition and stands the test of time, which has kept it firmly at number 1.

But like every Good product, advertising has had a lot to do with their success. The graphic art- always present in the Bacardí ads from its begginings- it plays an important part in remaining top of mind for rum lovers, reminding them what Bacardí rum signifies and why it’s the best rum on the market.

Cubanito, our most evocative hotel, hosts an exhibition of Bacardís advertisement posters taking us on a trip down memory lane through its 160 years of history, starting with the prohibition era of the 20s that lasted thirteen years in US and signified an influx of visitors to Cuba, where americans arrived in masses to be able to enjoy good rum with the cry of: “Let the golden era of cocktails begin!”

The journey starts from the so called ‘Bacardí Cocktail Case’ of 1936, when the brand launches a campaign imposed by the amendment of the Court of New York that stated upon its final  veredict, that no cocktail can have the word Bacardí, unless its made with authentic Bacardí rum. The brand protects its lable and identity, generating a loyal fan base that seems to have no end.

The art deco artista Conrado Massaguer, of Cuban origin, was in charge of designing the imagery of the campaign “Cuba is great, there is a reason…BACARDÍ” tying the brand to cuba as if they were one and the same. Thanks to Bacardí, we discovered that rumba is originally from Cuba and was originated in colonial times, with African roots, which helps preserve black heritage and shines a light on this world-famous dance genre.

Come and have a glass with Ron Bacardí to honor Cuban heritage, bringing rumba and lots of flavor to Cubanito. We’re looking forward to welcoming you!

The expo will open on the 6th of September and will be displayed until the 30th of September at Cubanito Ibiza

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10 Ways to make your holiday in Ibiza more sustainable by Ibiza Preservation

1. Plan your journey:
Explore no-fly options such as train + ferry, if practical. Choose accommodation and activities that are environmentally friendly and use energy, water and other resources responsibly. Calculate and offset the total CO2 emissions from your trip via  www.ibizasostenible.com/co2-ciudadanos.

2.Getting around:
Help us cut pollution by walking, cycling and using public transport to get around wherever possible. If you need to hire a car, choose an electric vehicle. (P.S. You can also check the island’s air quality using Google Maps’ new in-app tool.)

3.Save Water:
Ibiza suffers from severe water shortages. Opt for short showers instead of baths and turn the tap off when washing up or brushing teeth. If staying in a hotel, hang up & reuse towels to avoid generating unnecessary washing.

4.Ditch the plastic:
Bring a refillable water bottle and some reusable bags for your shopping. Buy loose fruit & veg to cut down on plastic wrapping. Request your drinks be served without a straw.

5.Manage your waste properly:
Please clean up after yourself! Always separate your waste and deposit it in the correct recycling containers.

6.Attention smokers!:
Don’t throw your cigarette butts on the ground and especially don’t stub them out in the sand at the beach; they can take 10 years to degrade and release harmful toxins into the environment.

7.Safeguard our biodiversity:
Respect the local environment by ensuring you don’t walk over protected areas like sand dunes and taking nothing of the island’s flora and fauna home except photos. If you see a turtle or its eggs at the beach please don’t touch them and call 112 straight away.

8.Protect Posidonia:
This underwater plant is not seaweed but a type of seagrass! It absorbs 15 times more CO2 than the Amazon rainforest and keeps our waters crystal clear. Anchoring boats in the meadows is illegal and the damage caused by it takes centuries to repair.

9.Cut the chemicals:
Choose an eco-friendly sunscreen; it reduces pollution in the water and is much friendlier to our marine life.

10.Respect the island and choose local:

Educate yourself about the island’s culture and traditions and always treat its people and customs with. respect. Support Ibiza’s farmers by visiting markets and farm shops and discovering some of the delicious local produce on offer. More info at ibizaproduce.org.

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Ricardito is a genius and important Cuban music figure, as well as an international reference in the Latin music scene. In his 40-plus years long career, he has shared the stage with the heavyweights: Celia Cruz, Bebo Valdés, Los Panchos, María Dolores Pradera, or El Puma.

After performing around the globe, he set foot on the island in 93, intending to play a couple of gigs at the legendary Teatro Pereyra, but when he crossed paths with his now-wife, Maria, who is the reason that 25 years later – and a few boleros in between – has kept him here gracing us with his music at our little Mediterranean Habana.

Ricardito considers himself 110% Cuban, even though he declares himself a huge lover of the island and its customs. Since 2018, a true love story has blossomed between Cubanito and this grand artist and human being, delighting us with his superb performances and could only be culminated by paying homage to him in the form of a room with his name on it. Here Ricardito feels completely at home, and Cubanito comes to life thanks to his art.

Thank you for everything, let’s continue to dance with your ritmo sabrosón!

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Grand Paradiso Artists

Grand Paradiso Artists

Another year, another dream come true. Grand Paradiso opens its doors, with the help of all the audiovisual artists that bring it to life. “The Movie Hotel” is a love letter to cinema and all forms of visual art.

For this reason, we’ve wanted to surround ourselves with creatives who dominate the 7th art, one of our favorite art forms. Our three grand Suites pay homage to four artists that have always inspired our conceptual briefings and are a timeless source of style inspiration for us: Pedro Almodóvar, Wes Anderson and David Lynch.

Amongst these three important figures, we’re collaborating with national and international artists that have hopped on board this project that will result in a very special tribute to them in the form of hotel suites. This also means that their work will become a part of our decorative imagery.

We have the pleasure of collaborating with home grown names like the Little Spain collective; the production company specialized in commercial spots and music videos, lead by Santos Bacana, Cris Trenas and María Rubio, who blew up when working with C. Tangana’s visual assets for “El Madrileño” in 2020. Another artist collective that we had to scout were CANADA. The production company that half the globe wants to work with has its base in Barcelona, London and LA. Responsible for music videos such as Rosalia’s “Motomami”, Dua Lipa’s “Love Again” or Rigoberta Bandini’s “Perra”.

At the forefront of this collective, we have Chlöe Wallace, photographer, and art director, Virgili Jubero, photographer and director of music videos such as ‘La canción que no quiero cantarte’ by Amaia o ‘Hula Hoop 8000’ by Monarchy. Bárbara Farré, who directed Nawja Nimri’s ‘Muñequita Linda’ music video and Nur Casadevall, art director specialized in commercial spots who’s client’s include Tous, Violeta or Film Dance.

Two brothers who didn’t want to miss out on taking part in this great adventure- and we’re so grateful for it- were Los Hermanos Polo. The Valencian film directors whose style marries perfectly with that of Concept, sharing a love for pastel colors and American culture. Their highly acclaimed movie repertoire includes gems like the short films ‘The Mystery of the Pink flamingo’ ‘El Ascensor’, ‘The Border’ or ‘El Olivo Amarillo. 

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Paradiso Art Hotel never ceases in its quest to surprise and tell you all about what’s going on at the artiest hotel on la Isla Bonita, take note.


The urban artist Grems is already a house name at Adda Gallery, led by Anna Dimitrova. After numerous Solo Shows in Adda Gallery Paris and Ibiza, the French artist returns to Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel to leave his recognizable mark, that you’ll be able to behold on one of the side walls of the hotel, where he’s left his signature colorful compositions that trademarks his identity.. Grems uses grafitti as a base in each piece that defies the rules of this discipline, decomposing them, making that particular style his own, describing it as “return to origin”: Absctract expressionism.


“La la land” is the place where this charismatic and multifaceted artista lives, full of color and energy from head to toe, has come to stay – in the form of a very special mirror- for some time in our foyer before entering our gallery. Lover of shapes and colors, this catalonian artista has developed he ron imagery, that comes from her inner world and curiosity about the female form, human relations, forms and pigments. Not your ordinary mirror, which evidently reflects much more than what first meets the eye. Available for purchase.


This multi-dimensional artist that started immortalizing the craziest moments at the iconic Manumission parties, has his own room at Paradiso Art Hotel and his artwork dotted around the most emblematic locations of the island. “Driver UP” is the name of the sculpture that will decorate one of the corners of the hotel, inspired by the Aquarius era, where human metamorphosis and spiritual awakening are at their peak. The structure represents the busto f a woman, made from metal and fiberglass, holding a a diver’s helmet that she seems to want to free herself from. Available for purchase.

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