The art of tattooing has become acclaimed and sought after in recent times. Anyone who loves tattoo art is very meticulous when it comes to finding the person who will ink them for life. Getting a tattoo isn’t just any old decision, and when it comes down to it… wouldn’t you want to get inked by one of the best tattooists in the world?

His blue eyes tell the story of a living legend and a rebellious, timeless artist. We are talking about Mark Mahoney, the man behind the crystalline gaze who made history in the world of tattoo art when he started his career in Boston in 77, oblivious to the Massachusetts state laws that prohibited tattooing. The punk scene dominated culture, and Mahoney was considered the founding father of the ‘Black and Grey’ movement of the Eighties. The American artist has remained relevant and influential in the tattoo world since then and has continued to revolutionise the current scene with his particular style. He is said to be the celebrity’s favourite tattooist and has inked countless Hollywood stars and cultivated great friendships with many of them. His list of regular clients includes Johnny Depp, Lana del Rey, David Beckham, Rihanna and Jared Leto, to name a few.

Mahoney is the owner and headline artist at Shamrock Social Club on Sunset Boulevard, whose main motto is “Where the Elite and the Underground meets.” Mark’s exclusive tattoo studio is located in the USA, but what if I told you that Concept will bring it to Ibiza?

Well, if you are a tattoo lover, then you’re in luck because from 12th to 19th September, Mahoney will move his Tattoo Shop from Hollywood to the lobby of Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel. Hotel guests and visitors will be lucky enough to skip the usual two-year waiting list that this tattoo artist has for an appointment. However, a piece of Mahoney on your skin is only available for deep pockets…

To sign up, please send an email to this address:

See you there, tattoo lovers!

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