Joint venture entre OD y Concept Hotel Group

Marc Rahola, founder and CEO of OD Group, reinforces his commitment to the conceptual product with high added value by investing in the Ibiza group Concept Hotel Group led by Diego Calvo (CEO) and Tallyn Planells and that thanks to this alliance consolidates its expansion plan to other parts of the Spanish territory and European cities.

The two groups, in addition to sharing an office in the same building in Ibiza, establish this joint venture of growth and expansion, as well as synergies both in costs and commercial, evaluating the projects jointly.

This JV is already the leader of the Ibizan sector in terms of boutique hotels and of a conceptual nature, already having 13 operating hotels, with up to 21 if we count the projects that will be opened in the next two years and up to thirty with the projects following 2023.

The hotels currently operated and in the project are:

1) Santos – Ibiza
2) Tropicana – Ibiza
3) Cubanito – Ibiza
4) Dorado – Ibiza
5) Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel – Ibiza
6) Romeo’s – Ibiza
7) Grand Paradiso (2022) – Ibiza
8) Apertura nuevo hotel deOpening new Hotel Concept inIbiza (2023)
10) Ocean Drive Ibiza– Ibiza
11) Ocean Drive Talamanca– Ibiza
12) Ocean Drive Port Portals – Mallorca
13) Ocean Drive Barcelona – Barcelona
14) Ocean Drive Madrid (2022) – Madrid
15) Ocean Drive Cavaliere (2022) – Costa Azul
16) Can Jaume by Ocean Drive– Ibiza
17) Can Ocean (2023) – Ibiza
18) Ryans Ibiza – Ibiza
20) Ryans La Marina – Ibiza
21) Ryans Camden (2023) – Londres
22) Ryans Lola’s (2023) – Ibiza


In addition, as OD Group and Concept Hotel Group have certain very similar points of value, both brands will thus reinforce their commitment and support to the local, their strong commitment to art in all its aspects, as well as care in design without losing the personality of each product.

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