Grain Clothinng x Concept

That moment in which you can almost smell the salt water from your office desk, you’re reminded of two things: That you still haven’t set foot in the coolest hotels on the white island – The hotels of Concept Hotel Group – and that it’s time to spoil yourself with a summer purchase and update your old bikinis or your stretched and faded swimsuits. The solution to both these problems is here.

The sacred summer ritual of purchasing a new bikini or swimsuit can be quite terrifying. You see one but the color doesn’t match your skin tone, the other one is too loud, the bottom doesn’t make your butt look how it should, the strap is too tight, that one isn’t practical to swim in, the other one isn’t for the beach. Let’s be honest, no one finds their perfect bikini before trying on half the store.

So today might just be the best day of your life, because we’re here to tell you that yes, in fact there is a bikini brand which will make you fall in love at first sight and entice you to buy every single style to show off at all the hotels at Concept Hotel Group.

If you still don’t know the brand Grain Clothing and their swimwear, it’s about time you check out their Instagram: vivid colors, original cuts and a perfect kitsch aesthetic that fits perfectly with the hotels at Concept.

This year we’re teaming up with this Barcelona based brand – that boasts of A-list collaborations with Albert Madaula or Martina Matencio- and the founder, Anna Roxana, brand designer and pottery artist, together with her team, has created each bikini and swimsuit style, to match the concept, vibe and colors of each hotel at Concept.

Cubanito, Romeo’s, Dorado, Santos, Tropicana, Paradiso and Grand Paradiso finally have their own personalized swim piece, and are here for you to grab them all, or at least the one that best matches your personality.

How do you go about owning the hottest item this summer? You can check them out on their website and at the hotels of Concept Hotel Group.


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