Inauguration on Saturday, July 23 at 7 p.m.

Exhibition from July 23 to September 4, 2022.

Fefe Talavera’s artworks are a metaphors of human emotions, that emerge subconsciously like passion, rage, dreams or desires. Inspired by the dualistic light and darkness that surrounds us, her colorful creatures connect us to our true selves and allude to the cultural roots of the artist, to the pure and powerful energy that her work carries, that can be viewed on street murals around the globe.

Born in 1979, Fefe was raised part Mexican and part Brasilian in São Paolo. Her interest lies in the “underground” movement, the artistic freedom that’s intrinsic of the Street Art and Graffiti world, created by international artists, had a strong effect on her.
Her raw creative energy develops through the sharp and tribal shapes she paints on the streets, more than when she’s painting within the walls of her art studios. Her study of these art forms got her a degree from the FAAP Arts school in São Paolo.

Fefe Talavera, influenced by Mayan and Aztec mythologies from her Mexican heritage, is famous for her creatures made out of cut up letters rescued from concert posters. After having exhibited and participated in art projects around the world (New York, Los Angeles, Moscow, Berlin, Viena, Barcelona, Madrid, Amsterdam…) she continues to use painting and visual arts as a means of expressing a very personal, intimate and poetic message.

Adda Gallery supported by Campo Viejo, brings “Pasión” to Ibiza, with colorful prints, wild animals and mystical characters. This visual exhibition takes center stage with the installation of two huge panthers who represent passion and the magnetic union of polar opposites.

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