If there was ever a brand that could embody the spirit of Concept, it would be Levi’s: Authentic and genuine, consistent in its style, timeless and unscathed by time. For this reason, we chose to dress our staff, another year, with a brand that’s a staple of American culture.

Summery colors, comfortable designs, long-lasting and protects the wearer from high temperatures. Thanks to our partnership with this iconic denim brand, we’ve learned a lot about their story and how they helped shape the history of the textile industry.
Their secret? A set of strong values that have always been at the forefront of everything they do: Levi’s was a clear example of going against the current, when they broke segregation laws at their Blackstone factory in Virginia, 1960. A real cultural and political stand, and it wasn’t the only time: They defend the company’s integrity with their workforce policies, adopted in ’91 and with which they promise to protect their workers during all stages of production. They also collaborate with programs that improve the lives of people who work in textile factories, who are usually one of the most exploited.

Levi’s values empathy above fear and that’s why their leaders united in 1982 to educate society about the problems that the LGBTQ+ and it doesn’t stop there. Levi’s is a big reference in the textile industry, on a global scale in terms of sustainability. Their responsibility with the environment is changing the way companies utilize natural resources in the textile industry, one of the most contaminating industries on a global scale.

At Levi’s, like at Concept, are involved in the arts, and provide musical education to young people through Levi’s Music Project, and with a good reason, the brand has dressed huge rock bands through the years and has always tied in with their rebellious and timeless aesthetic. Denim has united us, and that bond will be forever strong.

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