Classic Hollywood Cars

By Laura Martinez


When a vehicle eclipses the actors in a movie and it becomes the real star, you know that you’re looking at a classic Hollywood car.

One of the sagas with most pedigree in the classic car scene, is the James Bond franchise. Their legacy started with that Aston Martin DB5 in ‘Golfinger’ driven by 007. Without any added frills, the DB5 was a work of art in itself, but it was the special effects that made that piece of fine machinery, one of the most admired by fans of the “gentleman” way of life.

The long list of gadgets in it included a machine gun, a smoke screen and ejectable seats. One of the few Astons used in these films, was sold some years ago for a mere $4.6 million. Its popularity is such, that the manufacturer of this legendary automobile has reopened production and is launching 25 units of this vehicle as a limited-edition series, sold for $3.5 million a pop.

The yellow Ford Coupé in ‘American Graffiti’ directed by George Lucas, is an ode to his memories of the California automobile culture back in the 60s. The cast included Young promises of that time. A Young Harrison Ford, Ron Howard and Richard Dreyfus, but none of them were as memorable as this Deuce Coupe; Probably the most recognizable in the world.

But if we’re talking about true icons that deserve legendary status, we must mention John Delorean’s DMC-12 in ‘Back to the Future’. Its futuristic aesthetic and cinematographic performance elevated this car’s status to a literal time machine. This Steel stunner was the real star of the big screen. What would Marty McFly do without his Delorean?

Someone who never disappoints with his automobile choices is Quentin Tarantino: The convertible Volkswagen Ghia in ‘Kill Blill vol.2’, The Pontiac Lemans in ‘Reservoir Dogs’, the Mustang Grande in ‘Death Proof’, the Chevrolet Chevelle in Pulp Fiction… I could go on. One of the most recent signings, co-stared in ‘Once upon a time in Hollywood’ alongside Brad and Leo: The white ’66 Cadillac Deville. You might remember it from another of the director’s releases, as it was also driven by Michael Madsen in Reservoir Dogs. Madsen is also the owner of this Hollywood beauty and is a real classic car geek, who was more than happy to lend it to the production team, also adding a fresh lick of paint and restoring its fine interior.

At Concept we also drool over classic cars and our own ones have already made star cameos in several photoshoots and music videos. The ’65 Ford Mustang Cabrio that greets you at Romeo’s motel & diner, is the Mustang model that has the most appearances in the history of cinema. Ours on the other hand, has made an appearance in a Satánicas Majestades music video, The Rolling Stones “Criss Cross” video clip filmed between London, New York and Ibiza amongst other locations. Our ’89 Ford Lincoln Limousine that drove Sylvester Stallone to a premiere in Madrid, is the host of your rowdiest nights and is available to hire for any occasion you can think of: an express wedding at the Romeo’s wedding chapel, an extra special birthday or a wild bachelor or bachelorette party.

The 54 blue Cadillac Deville parked at Cubanito belonged to the Roy Orbison and evokes nostalgic Habana vibes, subsequently becoming a popular Instagram star. Our latest aquisition? A ’77 Cadillac El Dorado converted into a Jacuzzi -Baptized The Caduzzi- that awaits you at Grand Paradiso, ready to soak in with some bubbles.

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