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Dorado Live Shows raises more than 5000 euros for Save a Girl Save a Generation

On September 19, coinciding with the closing and end of the Dorado Live Shows acoustic concert cycle, Diego Calvo, CEO and founding partner of Concept Hotel Group gave the actress and godmother of the Save a Girl ave a Generation Foundation, Maggie Civantos, a check with the donation. 

This year, 5,106 euros have been raised, which will go to the foundation that works to contribute to a world where women and girls are free from female genital mutilation, forced marriages and all forms of gender-based violence. Where girls and women have the power to be agents of change and contribute to education, health and leadership in their communities. Save a Girl Save a Generation works on the basis of the following principles:

1. Respect and promotion of human rights and gender equality.

2. Active participation of rights and responsible titles in decision making and activities.

3. Ownership by members (people and organizations).

4. Accountability, integrity, responsibility, transparency and professionalism.

5. Solidarity and personal respect between organizations and their allies.

6. Provide tools to create a leadership network for African women.

7. Continuous training adapting changes to improve work strategies.

8. Use and promotion of non-stigmatizing languages.



After the delivery we could enjoy the concert of Marlango. The group captivated the audience from the first moment of the concert, creating feedback with the audience. The Marlango duo, composed of Leonor Watling and pianist Alejandro Pelayo, put the finishing touch on a summer full of music and events.