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Vinyl paradise

10 years before Instagram (the year 2000 to be precise), a man called Kevin Lewandowski decided to create a small web to organise his personal record collection. Kevin had a load of free time on his hands, and what started off as a homemade experiment became one of the world’s largest music databases.

The webpage in question is called and it contains references to almost every single record ever released: from classical music compilations to the latest trap, via Detroit techno or even bizarre things such as David Hasselhoff’s discography.

Apart from its main function as a database, it also has a “Market” section where users can privately buy and sell records. Last year some crazy dude bought the most expensive vinyl record ever sold on the internet: the princely sum of 27,500 dollars + shipping. The question that you are asking right now is: “What was the record that fetched such an exorbitant price?” The answer is Prince – The Black Album.

Prince recorded this album in 1987 and 1 week before its release, he ordered the recall and destruction of all of the 500,000 pressed copies. Prince experienced a spiritual epiphany and became convinced it was evil. He later blamed the album on an entity named Spooky Electric, described as a demonic, low-voiced alter-ego induced by Camille. The decision may have been influenced by Prince’s having a bad experience on MDMA.

At the time the Prince of Minneapolis was the absolute lord and master of music, and so as not to anger their golden boy, his record label, Warner Bros, did what he asked and recalled all the copies. However a small number of them mysteriously escaped their crushing destiny, and in doing so converted The Black Album into one of the world’s rarest and most desired records.

Why am I telling you this? Because if there something that makes the gang at Concept Hotel Group hot, it is music, especially if it is pressed on vinyl. For this reason, they, along with Discogs, are organising an event with some of the most important record shops and private collectors in Europe. It will be held on the 29th July from 12 p.m. to 11 p.m. by the pool in Paradiso Hotel, the coolest corner in San Antonio and the epicentre of art in Ibiza. There’ll be a record market, live performances, video DJs and whole lot more to be confirmed.

One more thing before I go, in the last 30 years only 8 genuine and original vinyl copies of The Black Album have appeared, and the only one still on sale is available on Discogs for the lovely price of 40,000 dollars. I’m telling you this because maybe, just maybe your cool dad has a copy under his mattress, and they you are, working the till in Tesco.

By Pablo Burgués